The TriDosas

“Vayuh pittam kaphasceti trayo dosah samasatah !!”[A.S.-I/11]
Vata, Pitta and Kapha are three name of tridosas -Vata(air),Pitta(bile)and Kapha(Phlegm) means more than literal.Dosas are basically three different forms of energy.
The Tridosas (tri meaning three and dosas being the basic physical energies) are the primary and essential factors of the human body that govern our entire physical structure and function. Derived from the Pancamahabhutas, each dosa which like the elements cannot be detected with our senses but their qualities can be – is a combination of any two of the five bhutas with the predominance of one.Called Vata, Pitta and Kapha in Sanskrit, these three are responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes within the body and mind – dynamic forces that determine growth and decay. Every physical characteristic, mental capacity and the emotional tendency of a human being can therefore be explained in terms of the tridosas.
Most of the physical phenomena ascribed to the nervous system by modern physiology for example,can be identified with Vata.Just as the entire chemical process operating in the human body can be attributed to Pitta, including enzymes, hormones and the complete nutritional system. And the activities of the skeletal and the anabolic system, actually the entire physical volume of an organism, can be considered as Kapha.
The relation between Tri-Dosas and Panca-Mahabhutas with respect to their Guna and Karma(Properties and Functions) as follows :
Vata (Vayu and Akash) Pitta (Agni and Jal) Kapha (Jal and Prithvi)
Light Light Heavy
Cold Hot Cold
Dry Oily Oily
Rough Sharp Slow
Subtle Liquid Slimy
Mobile Sour Dense
Clear Pungent Soft
Dispersing – –
Erratic – –
Astringent – –

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