Infections and Immunity in children

Many times, we have seen that infants and children mostly suffers from respiratory system and digestive system ailments only, and we very often put them on antibiotics, some time without even consulting the physician or paediatrician. According to the new study published in “Journal of the Paediatric infectious disease society” unnecessarily and unethically excessive and prolonged use of antibiotics in infants and children leads to various side effects and adverse reactions. No doubt antibiotics are sharp edged weapon like sword in treating various infectious diseases but if we use these swords unnecessarily and unethically, definitely they become blunt and infective for the use next time or become resistant and ineffective.

Shield is always more powerful than the sword. This is the need of the time that we should follow such pathy which provides defence from the various infections. When the question arises for the health of the children, we should always provide them the shield rather than the swords mostly.

That treatment pathy is called the ideal pathy which strengthens the immune system, maintains the integrity of the systems, maintains the anatomical and physiological functions of the various systems, make the children very strong. Ayurveda always emphasise on the health conservation of the children because healthy infancy leads to healthy youth and definitely to disease free adult.

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं। (चरक संहित सूत्र ३०।२६​)

As per the sutra mentioned in classics Charak samhita, principal of Ayurveda is first to maintain the health of a healthy individual and the second aim is to treat the patient. According to this, to protect the children from various infections, allergens and other disease-causing agents we should strengthen up their immunity or defence mechanism.

Generally, the route of the infection or allergens to enter the body is through nose and mouth, means respiratory system and digestive system respectively. Through these systems only the body from inside responds to the outer atmosphere. So, it is very necessary to maintain anatomical and physiological integrity of these systems to provide defence against the external causative factors to cause the disease.

Since birth the immune system is active in all individuals which protect the body from all the disease-causing factors. But in infants and in children some time due to weak immune they get infections or allergies very often and get sick very quickly. Most of the time when they get sick, they develop the symptoms related to respiratory and digestive system only because they come in contact with the external disease-causing factors through these systems only and develop the symptoms related to them like sneezing, running nose, coryza, cough, cold, sore throat, chest infections, fever, pain abdomen, loose motions, diarrhoea, dysentery etc.

To fight against these disease-causing factors, the immune system of the children remains under pressure all the time, so it is very necessary to build the immune system and shield them with optimum defence.

For this the classical thing which is used since the Vedic time and is mentioned in the classics is BALCHATURBHADRA RASA. This rasa is very effective in building the immune in the children and is also effective against the various infections and allergies.

Overall this rasa is the effective shield against various ailments for children. Main ingredients of balchaturbhadra rasa are: 1. Musta 2. Ativisha3. Pippali 4. Karkatshringi These are effective enough against the infections of respiratory and digestive systems. Among these also musta and ativisha are especially effective in digestive disorders and pippali and karkatshringi are effective in respiratory disorders. Continuous intake of balchaturbhadra rasa acts as a rasayana, boosts the immunity and enhance the defence mechanism, and intake during the infection time acts as effective antibiotic as well as anti-allergic, without causing any side effects or adverse drug reaction.

Build the immunity, boost the defence mechanism and let the children fight themselves