About our center

About our center: Vedicure panchakarma center & ayurvedic clinic

Our panchakrama center is situated in nangal, the small town in district roopnagar of Punjab, which is surrounded by the shiwalik hills which belongs to the Himalayan range. Here in nangal the weather remains pleasant in all the seasons. Here in nangal all the six seasons which also mentioned in ayurvrda in the context of shad ritus come with full extreme . our center in on nangal bhakra dam( asia’s biggest dam) road and is very near to bus stand and railway station. The nearby airport is in Chandigarh which is the capital of Punjab also.

Here in our center we are serving all panchakarma therapies and procedures as well as ayurvedic treatments based on ayurveda and keralian techniques. In center all the treatments and therapies are given by the team of well qualified and experienced doctors and well trained technical staff.

The center is providing the best in class all ayurvedic treatments and the panchakarma therapies in the service of mankind to the society since from the last 5 years in nangal. Center has separate staff for male and female patients. Center also provides online consultations and education programs about panchakarma and ayurvedic treatments